November Family Fun: 31 Ways to Celebrate

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November Family Fun: 31 Ways to Celebrate

There’s so much to celebrate in November!

It’s Family Stories Month. While the 2020 lockdown means that most of us won’t be attending family gatherings for Thanksgiving this year, it has opened up the opportunity to connect with loved ones virtually—including that distant aunt or cousin we wouldn’t normally see at Thanksgiving.

family stories month

Want to avoid awkward lulls in the conversation during your family’s Thanksgiving Zoom call? Our Thanksgiving Playdate [Coming Soon] has games, activities, and talking prompts to keep the conversation flowing. 

Every single day in November, there’s something to celebrate and make fun. Be creative and let me know how you spend your special days. 

one Cinnamon Day

Enjoy the flavor and scent all day. Make cinnamon toast or cinnamon rolls together for breakfast. Light a cinnamon candle*. Warm up a cool autumn day with spiced apple cider. #CinnamonDay buy it

two Plan Your Epitaph Day

What should the world remember about you? Can you sum up what’s most important to you in just a few words? Celebrate the day after Day of the Dead Day with #PlanYourEpitaphDay.

three Cliche Day

How many overused expressions can you use today? Dust off your old favorites, and throw in some 2020 cliches like “new normal” or “in these uncertain times.” Eye rolling is optional on #ClicheDay. 

four National Candy Day

SWEET! Do you prefer chocolates, hard candies, or sticky, soft chews? What was your favorite candy as a kid that’s hard to find now? I loved Zotz* and Bottlecaps*.  #NationalCandyDay buy it

national candy day

five National Men Make Dinner Day

Take charge of the kitchen, guys! Whether you love to cook, or tend to stay far away from the stove, today’s the day to break free from stereotypes and hone your culinary skills. No takeout allowed! #MenMakeDinnerDay 

six National Nachos Day

What do you like on your nachos? Make a stack with your kids and enjoy the cheesy goodness on #NationalNachosDay.

Combine today's Nachos Day with Fibbonacci Day on the 23rd and you get...Fibbonachos! 

seven Little League Girls Day

Grab your glove and go play catch with your kids. Then enjoy the story of the All-American Girls Baseball League in A League of Their Own*. There’s no crying on #LittleLeagueGirlsDay. buy it

eight Abet and Aid Punsters Day

A good pun is its own reword. Celebrate your favorite punny wordplay today—and give them more than just a groan for #AbetAndAidPunstersDay.

nine Go to an Art Museum Day

You can visit art museums around the world—from the Met, to the Louvre, to the Ufizzi Gallery—all in one day with virtual tours. #GoToAnArtMuseumDay online activity

ten Sesame Street Day

What’s your favorite segment or character from Sesame Street? Watch it together with your kids on #SesameStreetDay. online activity

eleven Origami Day

Explore what shapes you can create by folding paper*. #OrigamiDay buy it

twelve Guinness World Records Day

Grab the latest book of world records* for hours of  shocking fun facts. #GuinnessWorldRecordsDay buy it

thirteen World Kindness Day

Do something just to be nice. #World KindnessDay

fourteen American Teddy Bear Day

A snuggly friend can provide lots of comfort during difficult times. Introduce your favorite bear to a friend with our Teddy Bear Talk Show Playdate. [Coming Soon]  #AmericanTeddyBearDay 

fifteen I Love to Write Day

Write a story or a poem together. Write down your kids’ favorite bedtime story. Or check Purple Pencil Adventures for fun writing prompts on #ILoveToWriteDay. online activity

sixteen National Button Day

Step aside, zippers and velcro: today’s the day we celebrate the lowly button! Count them*, sort them, use them to hold your clothes together...where would we be without buttons? #ButtonDay

national button day

seventeen National Take a Hike Day

Find a trail and enjoy the great outdoors, together. #NationalTakeAHikeDay

eighteen National Princess Day

Treat her like royalty, just for today. National #PrincessDay

national princess day

nineteen National Play Monopoly Day

Work your way around the Monopoly* board. Watch out for those hotels! #NationalPlayMonopolyDay buy it

twenty Name Your PC Day

Does your computer have a name? Today’s the day to give it one! #NameYourPCDay online activity

twenty one World Hello Day

Make someone smile and help promote international peace through interpersonal communication. Say hello to 10 people today—at a safe distance or online. #WorldHelloDay

world hello day

twenty two Go For a Ride Day

In a car, on a bike, on a bus, in a plane… Get out of the house for a little while and discover something new, together. #GoForARideDay

twenty three Fibonacci Day

See how math is found in nature. Learn more about #FibonacciDay, then go take a walk and see how many you spot. 

twenty four Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

What can you do that others can’t? Hold an online talent show on Zoom and share your special skills with your family and friends. #CelebrateYourUniqueTalentDay online activity

twenty five National Juke Box Day

Play some oldies tunes* and have a 50s-style dance party on National #JukeboxDay. buy it

national juke box day

twenty six Thanksgiving

Celebrate all you have to be thankful for with your loved ones. Download virtual #Thanksgiving activities and conversation prompts to help everyone connect. [Coming Soon]

twenty seven National Day Of Listening 

Talk to relatives at Thanksgiving and record their stories to preserve part of your family history. #DayOfListening online activity

national day of listening

twenty eight National French Toast Day

Enjoy a delicious breakfast with your kids. What do you put on your french toast? #NationalFrenchToastDay

twenty nine National Square Dance Day

Learn a few moves and have a fun square dance party with your kids for National #SquareDanceDay.

thirty National Mason Jar Day

Make some Mason Jar* holiday gifts together with your kids. Here are 44 ideas from dodoburd.comNational #MasonJarDay buy it


I hope you enjoy your celebrations together all month long this November.


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