Retro Camera Cord Case / Coin Purse [Friends Will Love these 🎧 Mini 80s Replicas]

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Remember the excitement of waiting for your Polaroid picture to develop? You’d wait and wait for it to change from black to greenish-grey, then shake it, shake it to try to speed the process up. Soon a hazy hint of the people in the picture would be revealed, and finally the colors would pop and the details would become clear. Success!

This RETRO CAMERA EARPHONE CASE takes you right back... It looks just like your old camera (or one of five other awesome 80s replicas like a record player, a reel-to-reel tape recorder, or a guitar). Relive that fun and anticipation every time you open your case to reveal the treasures stored safely inside. 

At around 3 inches square, It's the perfect little box for earbuds, small charging cords, coins, jewelry, guitar picks, or any small items you want to protect from getting crushed or lost in your bag. 

These adorable 80s replicas make PERFECT gifts for any Instagrammers, gamers, or music lovers in your life. I keep a few on hand in case I need a quick, unique gift for someone.   

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Product Details:

  • Durable metal case keeps contents from getting crushed
  • Zipper closure around 3 sides allows easy access to contents of your case, and opens up flat

Available in 6 Incredibly Realistic Designs:

  • Polaroid Camera
  • Game Controller
  • Record Player
  • Pink Camera
  • Reel-to-Reel Tape Player
  • Guitar

What will YOU use it for? These little cases are adorable and so handy for keeping track of small items. I use one for my iPhone dongle and a short charging cord that I use when I’m making videos. I haven’t lost a dongle since I started keeping them in here! I also take about a million vitamins, and these cases are the perfect pillboxes to store them in when I’m on the go. And I keep my ear buds in another one, to keep them from getting tangled up with everything else in my bag. The guitar cord case makes a cute combo gift, together with the Girls of Rock T-Shirt.

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