Tees For Tips - Custom Merch for Your Class or Fans

Are you a dance fitness instructor, musician, or other artist who would like to provide custom merch without the hassle?

Disco Ball Designs can help! With our Tees For Tips program, we’ll work with you to design a custom shirt for your class or fans, and host your shirt on our web site. 

You promote your merch via your classes/performances, social media posts, and flyers by sharing the link or QR code we provide, and for every purchase made by one of your students or fans, you’ll get $5 in your tip jar. 

graphic showing two instructors and several students wearing a custom designed class shirt

It’s So Easy!

No Up-Front Costs–You don’t have to pay for printing 100 shirts up front, and then worry whether you’ll ever get all that money back.

No Heavy Boxes to Lug to Events–Shirts are printed one-off as your fans order them, and they’re shipped directly to them at home. You’ll never lug a box, or have to store one in your garage. Plus, there’s no chance of getting stuck with leftover shirts in sizes no one wanted. 

No Dealing With Cash–You’ve got enough to worry about while running an event or class. All transactions are handled online through our web site. We’ll pay out $5 for each shirt ordered, directly to your PayPal account, once a month.

More Than Just T-Shirts–We can add your design to hats, hoodies, leggings, water bottles, and much more. Want to add new colors or a slight modification to the design for a holiday or special event? We can add new merch throughout the year, to keep your sales coming in. 

Let’s Get Started!

Contact: Jennifer Ballard 

Email: jen@discoballdesigns.com 

Facebook Messenger: Jennifer Humke Ballard–profile pic is a big blue chicken

I can’t wait to start designing with you! 

Some restrictions apply:

  • We cannot use trademarked or copyrighted terms like Zumba or U-Jam Fitness without a written licensing agreement.
  • Any song lyrics, images, etc. must be license-free
  • Transparent images do not work with the printing process
  • You'll need a PayPal account to receive the monthly payouts