It’s My Party Day - The Day to Celebrate (and Launch Jen’s Virtual Parties and Playdates)

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It’s My Party Day - The Day to Celebrate (and Launch Jen’s Virtual Parties and Playdates)

Oct. 11, 2020

Today is It’s My Party Day, a day to celebrate...anything. On purpose, for no reason*. 

You don’t need a birthday or a major holiday as an excuse to celebrate today. Just find something good in the world, and invite others to celebrate it, together. 

I like that, don’t you? 

It’s been a rough year, 2020. Kids are stressed, parents are stressed, and there’s bad news everywhere you look: the virus, the stay-home orders, the catastrophic storms and fires, the politics, the online school…

So, let’s take a day—just oneto seek out something that makes you smile and celebrate it, no matter how small a thing it is. 

Celebrating Our Launch

As soon I discovered It’s My Party Day, I knew exactly what I would celebrate. 

There couldn’t be a more perfect day to launch Jen’s Virtual Parties and Playdates, the web site and blog I’ve been working on as a “corona project.”  

Jen’s Virtual Parties and Playdates is my heartfelt attempt to help parents bring a little joy and normalcy to their kids’ lives during this chaotic year. They’ve missed out on so much…

I’m Jen! I’m a mom and a marketer, a 14-year volunteer with Boy Scouts of America, and the past Managing Editor of My Kids’ Adventures, an online magazine for parents. 

I loved to create exciting, themed birthday parties for my two boys when they were younger. Friends kept asking me how I do it, so I created Birthdays in a Box to share my creative concepts with others. 

When the Covid-19 quarantine hit and Zoom meetings became the norm, I knew the Birthday Boxes (and now Playdate Boxes) would be a great way to keep people connected, even when they can’t meet face-to-face. 

Here’s what you’ll find on this site:

Celebrate. Together. Anywhere Blog

Looking for fun activities to do with your kids, online or at home? Check the Celebrate. Together. Anywhere Blog for new ideas and free resources each week. 

You’ll find:

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Parties, Playdates, and More in our Online Store

You’ve probably attended countless virtual events–between online school, work meetings, and get-togethers with friends and family... 

So, what makes Jen’s Virtual Parties and Playdates feel any more fun? 

It’s the stuff that creates a party atmosphere, and the plan that pulls it all together, making each person on the call feel included. 

When every guest has the same costumes, props, and games–no matter where they are–it feels a little more like they’re celebrating right beside you (and less like an everyday Zoom meeting). 

Check out our Have a Blast Party Plan. We’ll keep building our online store to include a catalogue of party and playdate themes to choose from. 

Thank You!

I hope this blog and website help your family and friends have fun and celebrate together, even when you’re apart. 

Launching Jen’s Virtual Parties is my win for the day—the topic I choose to celebrate for It’s My Party Day. 

What are you celebrating? Seriously, I’d love to hear the creative ideas that you & your kids come up with! Please leave a comment.

I'll talk to you soon!

PS: The Story Behind the Title: 

When my son Luigi (not his real name) was about three, he’d throw a fit over the most random things, as three year olds are wont to do. Milk instead of juice? Made him take a nap? You get the picture. Whenever he didn’t get his way he’d cry out, in full tantrum mode, “You did that ON PURPOSE, FOR NO REASON!” Horrors! It's fun to mimic his own words back to him when the situation fits, now that he's 16. (I do it without the tantrum, usually.)

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