Shop Covid Shirts

We’re in this global pandemic together; let’s keep smiling through these tough times. When you wear a Covid Shirt with a funny saying, you might just give someone something to smile about. 

You can find a lot of humor during a crazy quarantine. Gym’s closed? Keep on dancing—Social Dis-Dancing, that is! Glad you’re finally vaxxed? Shout it out—retro 80s-style. Want to honor your favorite food worker or delivery driver? Give ‘em the “I’m Essential” shirt. Because they totally are, right? 

And then there’s Zoom...We all love to hate our virtual meetings & classes, so Embrace the Zoom and always be Camera Ready. Or use a tiny microphone for big laughs! Find unique birthday gifts, too: Celebrate new adults who turn 21 in ‘21, or pay homage to souvenir shirts of old with the ‘All I Got Was This Lousy Zoom Call’ tee. 

Quarantine is no fun. Funny covid t-shirts can help!